Monday, March 12, 2007

Gabriella Iannone to Receive Award

Gifts contributor Nancy Iannone (A Hopeful Future) would like to share that her daughter, Gabriella Iannone, who just turned two will receive her first award on March 21, 2007.

The Gloucester County Special Services School District provides Early Intervention services for eligible children in Gloucester County. Thay provide services for a large number of families.

Each year, the Board of Education honors one family for excellent progress in the Early Intervention Program. Due to her amazing accomplishments in Early Intervention, Gabriella will receive a certificate of recognition and a small gift at a ceremony on March 21.


my3luvngboyz said...

WTG Gabriella!!!! How wonderful please share pictures when she gets it. Nancy how proud you must be she is an insperation. (and so is mommy)

jennifer said...

What terrific news, congratulations!

Kathi said...

Lizzy sends a big high five to her buddy Gabriella! Congrats to all the Iannones :-)!!!