Friday, March 30, 2007

My name is Matthew

by Michelle Adams

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Journaling reads: I am a sweet, loving little 5-year-old boy. I have Down syndrome. Please do not underestimate me because of it. For you see, I may have Down syndrome, but it doesn’t have me! I am an amazing little person, if you would just take the time to get to know me. For just like anyone else - I learn, I grow, I laugh, I love, I get upset, I feel, I remember, I get mad, I hear, I live...… I can do anything, become anything that I want to, for you see - my parents believe in me. They fully expect me to drive, to have girlfriends, to go to college, to live on my own, to live my life to the fullest! And you know what? Because they believe in me, I believe it too! It may take me a little longer to achieve my goal. It may take a little more help to get there, but get there I can! I can with the help and belief of those around me - my family, my friends, my therapists, my teachers. I can with a little help from strangers too. Those that will take the time to look at me. To really look at me. To look into my eyes and see the potential that is lying in there. The potential that my parents see. The potential that they will fight tooth and nail to help reach it’s fullest. And I will get there, you’ll see. So, please don’t underestimate me. For I have Down syndrome, but it doesn’t have me!

To say that I am a little nervous about Matthew's transition from the sheltered world of the preschool he has been in for the last 2.5 years to Kindergarten next year, is probally an understatement. We have the 1st transition meeting at our home school (YAY!) next Monday. I am aprehensive about it all - are we making the right choice for him? Is he going to flourish as he has? Are parents/students/teachers going to really embrace him or is it going to just be a nice to our face thing? There's no way of knowing unless we push forward and move on. I've worried so much about so many things in the past and they have all turned out all right, so I'm just trusting that this will too...

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Sallie said...

Matthew is a cutie! We have a special needs kid too and I know completely how you feel about school and all. I will pray God provides a wise teacher and caring staff at Matthew's school.

God bless,